14. $700 Raised - Dauphin Designs - Children's Play Kitchen


  • AU$ 165.00


  • Cooktop & oven with knobs that turn. Oven racks that can come out to be used on the bench for that pretend cake.
  • Sink/basin that can come out to be emptied and a tap for pretend water.
  • Secret extended bench top for play as a table with friends.
  • Blackboard for taking orders when playing restaurants, making a menu, or for anything you need to draw.
  • Planterbox/toolbox for flowers, tools, or toy cars that you may need to carry to the extender table, or the herbs for your mudpies!
  • Wheels for grownups to move the kitchen around when needed with locking mechanisms for safety.
  • Cupboard space & hanging rack for all pots, pans & utensils that you will need to make a winning mudpie, cake or pizza!
  • 90% upcycled and finished with exterior varnish