How We Help

The Power of Pallets Incorporated is a not for profit organisation. We were originally founded to reuse and reduce the amount of wood pallets sent to land fill in Australia each year. Since inception, however, we have evolved into so much more…

By supporting The Power of Pallets you are supporting initiatives aimed at changing our world for the greater good of all people. Our motto 'Up cycle, Up skill & Giveback' combines three very different focuses into one process that embraces and funds solutions for key problems facing society today.

‘Up cycle’ reflects our vision for recycling and sustainability. Everything has a use and with a little effort, can even be transformed into stunningly beautiful items that serve as a cost effective way to fill a purpose and add joy and excitement to your world.

Did you know? In Australia each year, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wood pallets and crates are sent to landfill! Shockingly, a staggering FIFTY PERCENT of all pallets are only used once. Through our ‘Up cycle for a Cause’ initiatives, The Power of Pallets encourages individuals and organisations to ‘up cycle’ timber pallets, that are destined for landfill, into modern and functional items such as furniture or art. The items are then auctioned off with all proceeds donated to charity.

Up skill’ reflects our passion for helping disadvantaged people get back on their feet by offering them opportunities for training and skills development as well as support finding work. Through our woodworking factory in Buchan St and our café, our community garden in Manoora we run work for the dole programs that offer participants opportunities to learn trade-based skills such as carpentry and landscaping. This unique approach has resulted in a significant number of trainees finding work at the end of their time with us.

‘Giveback’ focuses on supporting organisations that tackle the big issues facing society today. Each year artists, individuals, tradies, schools and community organisations to upcycle our pallets into furniture, toys and novelty items. The works are then auctioned off at events throughout the year including our annual Auction & Gala Dinner. Funds are then donated to charities that support developments in the areas of healthcare, homelessness, domestic violence and disaster aid.

Our Events

We hold an Auction & Gala Dinner each year at The Tanks which raises money for The Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation. We encourage individuals, community groups, schools and business to get involved and upcycle pallets into useful items that are then donated to the Auction night. These items will be on display at The Tank Art Centre for 2 weeks prior to the Gala Dinner.